Images from short run publication to go alongside Andrew Culp’s book ‘A Guerilla Guide to Refusal’. Spreads are based on found / stolen type and images, some photocopier experiments and film stills from anarchist themed films, or films that I think could be deemed to have some kind of anarchistic motifs. The first two are from October 17 (1961) directed by Alain Tasma, Antonioni's 'L'Eclisse' from 1962, where you can just about make out Alain Delon and Monica Vitti, and finally a snippet of Charlie Siskel's 2016 film about the anarchist cookbook, American Anarchist.

Techno-Anarchist Anonimity ‘zine


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I am a working image maker and illustrator currently serving as a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool School f Art and Design at LJMU and PL of the MA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Contact me for the moment via Instagram DMs or via LJMU email
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