Matt Johnson Paris, Aug 2015 © Casper Johnson is the website of Matt Johnson an image maker and senior lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at Liverpool School of Art and Design at LJMU.  Matt has worked for a wide range of international clients in graphic design and illustration as well as lecturing and giving talks and practical workshops on many aspects of art, design and visual culture. Feel free to contact me by any means necessary ︎︎ or 

This is a zip disc. It was the pinnacle of portable storage technology in the late ‘90s. If you like my work I’d be happy to bike one over to you. Or probably just look at the website.

about me

I am a working image maker and illustrator currently serving as a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool School f Art and Design at LJMU and PL of the MA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Contact me for the moment via Instagram DMs or via LJMU email
other stuff

craft / gardening / cycling / activism / drawing / karaoke / dogs / affect / cookery / printmaking / politics / design / Wrexham AFC / philosophy / Chester County Officers CC / music / collage / language / baking / woodwork / cinema / ideas / health / family / skills la