Le Petit Soldat ‘zine Images from short run publication for Liverpool ‘zine festival 2018 based on stills from the 1960 / 63 Jean Luc Godard film (trans. The Little Soldier)featuring Anna Karina and Michel Subor.

Le Petit Soldat ‘zine

A very short run publication printed in a single colour photocopy process. Image theft, cut-up and expressive markmaking are mixed in a single colour run of photocopies leading to a somewhat random 3 colour edition where all of the ‘zines are likely to be slightly different, for better or worse. This one also had a spin-off limited edition print featuring the late Anna Karina (see below).

Anna Karina red, blue and black photocopy on middleweight Fabriano paper.  Available from my Etsy shop. If I had one.

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