Interruptions #3 Images exhibited at Atrium Gallery at Liverpool School of Art and Design 3 - 17 Jan 2018 and at the international SUES show in the aptly named John Lennon Art and Design building at LJMU in July 2019.

Interruptions 1 - 4

Interruption #3 features outagraphed, cut-out images of The Beatles taken from a late 1960’s copy of Top Pop Stars annual and various other contemporary / reprinted sources interrupted by photo-theft, painting and expressive markmaking. These pre-collé sketches are themselves a work in progress which lead into a larger scale mixed media work (see below) now held in a private collection.

 The Beatles (2017) Acrylic & mixed media on printed board, private collection.

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I am a working image maker and illustrator currently serving as a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool School f Art and Design at LJMU and PL of the MA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Contact me for the moment via Instagram DMs or via LJMU email
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